Friday, August 21, 2009

Wow!!! Dogs Days Opens to Awesome Turnout!

Thanks, so very much, to everyone who came out for the last ArtWalk of Summer. It was a smashing success. No rest for the crew last night. The joint was pumpin' all evening.

Here's some images from the opening.

Let the knitting begin!!!! Amy Williams and Rob Hrezo begin their Necking. Necking is performance art expounding ideas of sharing, community, cooperation, and how domestic crafts relate to fine art.

She says, "Art? Meh...whatever."

He says, "I LOVE art!!!"

Artists Keith Allen (left) and Mark Wolfe (center) mingle with a gallery patron.

Artists Jamie Miller (left), Dane Klingamon (center), and Jeff Pierson view the contents of Jamie's bag.

What a nice crowd.

Artist Dane Klingamon (right) focuses his attention on a show submission.

OK, look natural.

Artist Jeff Pierson (white shirt) checks the spread.

Artist Joe Bolyard (left) checks in with his long-time friend and artist Keith Allen.

Artist Amanda Jane Miller stands with her sibling watercolor portraits in the background.

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