Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More toys have arrived!! Come see the show!!!

Joker Opens Pandora's Box by Leecifer

Underneath the Floorboards by Daniel Danger, MD

Blood Widow by Miscreation (Jeremi Rimel)

Brainsick by Miscreation (Jeremi Rimel)

Doomed World by Marie Meier

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Some answers to your questions about the Pandora's Toy Box show.

How can I purchase these items?

All items will be for sale at the show preview on May 15th and the opening May 16th. Folks attending these evenings will be given the first shot at purchasing. We suggest you sign the attendance sheet. This way we have a record you were there. The items will only be available locally (and to those who came and registered) for the first week. After the first week the remaining items will become available on line at marshhouse

Why are you only selling to locals and those who attend the first two nights?

We are a locally oriented company. Therefore, we will always make items from shows/events available to local collectors first. Those who come to the shows (even if they're from out of town) have given us support by showing up at the event. Many folks like to see the items prior to purchase. This gives them an opportunity get a look, in person, at all the items. If they don't want to/can't decide right then what to purchase it allows them a bit of time to make a choice.

How can I pay?

Those attending one of the first two nights of the show may pay with cash, personal check, USPS Money Order, or register an email to which we will send an invoice through paypal. You do not need to have a paypal account in order to be invoiced nor will you have to register with paypal in order to pay. Invoices must be paid within 5 days or the item(s) becomes available to the next person on the list or will be placed for sale on line.

Items will be shipped via insured USPS Priority Mail for a cost of $25 per item to destinations within the United States. The items will be securely packed to ensure a safe arrival. Orders shipping outside the US will incur additional shipping/handling charges which will be determined once a destination is known.

Items may also be picked up by appointment within two weeks of the show's close date of June 6th. Items not picked up by June 20th will be invoiced the $25 shipping charge and the order will be mailed accordingly once the invoice is paid. Items will not be released until all invoices are paid in full.

When can I expect delivery of the item?

We anticipate shipping items no later than June 20th. You will be sent a tracking number once the item is mailed.

I noticed there's artists listed in the ad which don't have a toy image on the website or blog. What's up with that?

Folks are busy. We have faith that everyone who committed to the show will be returning a figure. However, if you're planning on coming into town for the sole purpose of purchasing a particular artist's item we suggest you keep checking the blog. It will be updated as items arrive. The website is updated through a third party (cough, Surrender Art, cough) and they're busy too.

If it's the day before the show and you still don't see any image or word of its arrival please send us an email. We may be getting items so close to the opening we won't have time to get them all listed. We shoot straight. If it's not here we'll let you know. Gas isn't cheap. While we'd still love to have you visit we don't want to have anyone disappointed.

Can I bring my child to the opening?

While none of the toys displayed are meant for children the little ones are welcome to attend. Please keep in mind these are works of art and some may be offensive. We'll also be jammin' some tunes which might contain the F-bomb and other slang verbage. If you're overly sensitive about these things this probably isn't the place for you.

Will there be snacks?

Wine, cheese, and crackers. Perhaps a small keg for the hops lovers.

Where can I stay if I'm coming into town for this show?

There's a few hotels within walking distance of the gallery. We've never stayed at any of them but we hear they're nice. Check them out: Charleston Marriott Town Center, Charleston Plaza Hotel, Embassy Suites, and Fairfield Inn.