Wednesday, January 9, 2008

So there's been some folks asking about this Pandora's Box show I'm curating. I'm not really ready to release who's involved but I can tell you a bit about how the idea came to me and an opening date.

The show will take place at the Good News Mountaineer Garage Gallery and will preview during the May ArtWalk in Charleston, WV. The ArtWalk takes place the third Thursday of the month. The show actually opens Friday, May 16th, and runs for three weeks.

The idea for the show came to me in a dream.......well, not really. I was actually at my buddy's house working on some website stuff. Mark Wolfe did the design for marshhouse. He will be taking part in this show. Mark is a pug-lover. One of his pug's, Pandora, is insane. She requires constant attention when in the same room.

We were working on the web stuff and Pandora was going to town scratching my leg. I tried to distract her with chewie toys to no avail. Finally, I gave in and she jumped to my lap. I thought of her name, as I stroked her snorting head, and the myth surrounding its origin.

Certainly the woman who delivered all the evil of the world couldn't have been that old. What if her box of despair and destruction contained her toys as well? What would they look like?

I looked at Mark and said, "Dude, let's do a toy show."

Monday, January 7, 2008