Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pandora's Toy Box Hype

OK. I'm still being tight-lipped about who's going to be in the show. However, I will share what platform toys are being transformed.

The most requested toys by the artists came from the Jamungo line up. There'll be customized BUDs and Nades. There's even a Sqwert project or two if I remember correctly. One, in particular, I know will bring some interest from you gig poster folks. FERG and VanBeater are way hot right now. Lots of good things cookin' from these guys.

While Jamungo may have the biggest presence in the show there'll be plenty of other good digs.

Check out these funky platforms from Think Up. Jeremi Rimel, the brain behind Think-Up, has already crafted a few of these into wicked works of art. There's a couple of these in the line up. We look forward to doing some more shows with this platform.

Another item being reworked for the show is the Bizarregoylz from Monster Bucket Studios. Monster Bucket Studios began in 2007 as a creative outlet for founder Jared Gagne. Look for more platforms from MBS as well as a Series 2 Bizarregoylz.

Rounding out the list of toys being altered for the show is the Cre8tive Peeples line of DIY items.

It should be a swell time in Charleston when we open Pandora's Toy Box. Come into town and help us pack the house. I hope to see you there.