Friday, May 16, 2008

Preview Night Photos

First, a big thanks to those who attended the preview. I appreciate all the kind words. Thanks to those who submitted art. Everything looks even better in the gallery. Major thanks to Mark Wolfe for his tireless promotion of the show. Super- major-uber thanks to my wife for her energetic support and great sense of layout. Many thanks to the folks who purchased toys. One lucky lady bought a blind box Series 2 Blow Up Doll and pulled the Kozik Che chase figure. She was pretty excited. She was also too quick for me to take a picture but I got some others.

Dressed up the front windows with some teaser toys.

Artist Mark Wolfe with Amy Williams

Artists Clay Tantlinger and Dane Klingaman

Oooo, what'd you get?!?!?

Artist Chris Dutch with Robin Hammer

Artist Keith Allen with Amanda Miller from the Gazz.

That little old lady was really that short. She was sooo cute!!

A little more crowd.

Veeeeery interesting.

Artists Chris Fore and Andy King (in ballcaps to left) mingle with the crowd.

There was a mix of all types.

We even had firetrucks out front for about an hour.

If you didn't make it last night we'll be there again tonight from 6-9PM. You folks who came last night are invited back as well.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gettin' Amped Up!!! Come on out and see the show!!

Can't let you see the complete set up just yet.

Sorry, folks. Move along.

OK. Maybe just a peek.

That's a crapload of boxes!!