Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bears, Birds, and Buildings Show Pictures

Whew!!! Sorry about the delay but we've been trying to get some of these items from the show shipped out. Now that we've just about caught up we thought it'd be a good idea to show you folks what you missed (or recap the event if you made it.)

Leia out front of the Gallery Pre-Show

Don't just stand there something!!!

Hmmmmm.....what's this?
Oh, those!!! Leia brought some of her fancy tiles.

Lots of folks really dug the tiles.

Anne Barth shares a story with fellow gallery visitor.

Leia's Mom checks out the refreshment spread.

Leia poses with some fans from
(Thanks for making the trip guys!!!!!)

This guy is going for more pinwheels before they disappear.

What a nice crowd.

Thanks for showing up folks, really.

Sir you look intrigued with that painting.
Would you like to make a purchase?

That's all folks!!!
We'll see you next time around.

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